Ardfert Sport Horses

Ardfert sport horses is the section of Bill Maguire Equestrian that pertains to broodmares, youngstock, and the occasional horse bought to produce for sale. All horse bred, and largely named (if unnamed when purchased) carry the ‘Ardfert” prefix, denoting the area that Bill is from, the Village of Ardfert, near the beautiful vale Tralee in County Kerry, Ireland.

The excellent mix of limestone and sandy soil in the Ardfert area is ideal for raising horses, as the calcium from the limestone encourages good bone density, and growth. The sandy soil maintains good drainage. The farm is located approximately 1km from the Atlantic ocean, and there are amble beaches which are fantastic for all horses to have some ‘down time’ and go for a gallop as a break from the monotony of an arena. Bill will often tell people he has the largest outdoor sand arena in Ireland…once the tide is out!

The aim of Ardfert sport horses is the breed sound, athletic horses that can then be produced for Showjumping and Eventing. A constant process of assessing how mares are breeding and tehn tailoring what stallions are mated with them, or indeed if the mare should be retired from breeding. Broodmares used are ideally from proven damline families.

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